Virtual tour of R/V Sikuliaq

This virtual tour of R/V Sikuliaq was created by Kim Kenny, who will be communicating on behalf of the Dynamic Arctic cruise on Sikuliaq this August. More information on their cruise can be found at

Associate professor Sarah Hardy of the University of Alaska Fairbanks College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, at left, and her sediment team filter out a multicore mud sample on board the research vessel Sikuliaq in June. Photo by Brendan Smith.Spring Sikuliaq cruise launches new Bering, Chukchi research program

University of Alaska Fairbanks scientists have completed the first cruise in a new comprehensive program studying late spring dynamics in the Bering and Chukchi seas. Researchers from the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences spent the month of June 2017 on research vessel Sikuliaq investigating variables that influence spring productivity and food web dynamics, and studying how declining ice cover may influence Arctic ecosystems.

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Brittany Jones carries a sediment coreNorth Pacific Research Board’s Arctic Program blog highlights recent Sikuliaq cruise in Bering, Chukchi seas

A blog created by the North Pacific Research Board and moderated by NPRB Communications and Outreach Director Brendan Smith documents a June 2017 cruise on R/V Sikuliaq, led by College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences professor Seth Danielson. This cruise was part of the new NPRB Arctic Integrated Ecosystem Research Program, a five-year program focusing on how reduced sea ice influences the Arctic marine ecosystem.

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Arctic Program Begins Sampling June 9 — Connect Via Arctic Blog & Social Media

Beginning in June, the North Pacific Research Board’s (NPRB) Arctic Program, will commence field collection aboard R/V Sikuliaq—the first of several research cruises planned during spring, summer, and fall seasons of 2017-2019.

The Arctic Program is a $16 million multi-disciplinary collaborative effort that will span from 2017-2021 and includes additional funding partners, Collaborative Alaskan Arctic Studies Program (formerly the North Slope Borough/Shell Baseline Studies Program), Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), and the Office of Naval Research Marine Mammals and Biology Program. Read More




Register now for the Western Alaska Interdisciplinary Science Conference

Looking for a way to talk with rural community members about their research needs?  

WAISC website

The annual Western Alaska Interdisciplinary Science Conference brings together researchers, Elders, educators, students, community leaders, and community members; to share concerns and insights about issues relevant to rural Alaska. This conference is a platform for reporting on and discussing regional research efforts as well as traditional knowledge, providing an interdisciplinary approach to inquiry and discussion.  This year's gathering will be in Unalaska April 26-29, 2017.

Participants explore connections between humans and the environment—to begin to better understand the unique networks that exist within and around communities in rural Alaska. We invite those who have an interest in any aspect of life in rural Alaska to join in this gathering, because we value each perspective that attendees bring as an integral part of the network. We are all coming to realize that we are stronger and better able to move into the future when we cast a wider net—sharing across disciplines/generations/geographic location/cultures.

This year's theme is "Western Alaska:  Islands in Change".  Sessions will be oriented around

  • Environmental Monitoring & Response
  • Sustainable Fisheries Management and Operations
  • Climate Change Adaptation
  • Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency
  • Rural Education

The conference will also include an informational meeting on an Aleutian Waterway Safety Committee on April 26.

Join us in Unalaska!


Meet the Sikuliaq Crew: Mark Teckenbrock

Mark Teckenbrock thrives in the flexibility of the R/V Sikuliaq’s work environment.

As the ship’s cook, Teckenbrock can be responsible for feeding anywhere between 20 and 50 people, depending on the science mission. Sikuliaq research cruises can be up to a month long, meaning Teckenbrock and his team are often responsible for planning and executing a month’s worth of meals with one shipment of food.   Read More


Meet the Sikuliaq Crew: Arthur Levine

Arthur Levine, an able-bodied seaman on the R/V Sikuliaq, has discovered he loves working in the arctic.
Levine grew up surrounded by naval officers and other boat-oriented professionals. “Hearing their stories, and then sailing during high school got me wanting to work out on a ship as well,” he said. Levine decided to attend the Massachusetts Maritime Academy where he focused on marine transportation and earned a third mate’s license.   Read more

Tristan Conrad stands by a large cable drum used by the winches that deploy off the ship's deck. The winch helps scientists lower instruments into the water to collect samples and measurements. Photo by Lauren Frisch.Meet the Sikuliaq Crew: Tristan Conrad

Tristan Conrad enjoys using his troubleshooting skills to help keep the R/V Sikuliaq in great condition.

Conrad is an oiler, which is a general maintenance position in the engineering group. He always begins his shift with a round of checks. Starting in the Bridge at the top of the ship and working his way down to the machinery spaces at the very bottom, Conrad checks for the three Fs: fire, flooding, or anything funny looking.  Read More


John French splices a new rope in the R/V Sikuliaq main lab. Photo by Lauren Frisch.Meet the Sikuliaq Crew: John French


Growing up, playing in the ocean was John French’s favorite hobby. It is no surprise that French has dedicated his career to working on ships.

John French is one of two bosuns on the R/V Sikuliaq, which is the head deckhand. He is responsible for all things happening on the deck, including anything having to do with anchoring the ship and handling mooring lines. He also helps launch the small boats used for off-ship operations and is in charge on deck when deploying and recovering science equipment.  Read More


Sikuliaq visit brings science outreach to rural Alaska

Photo by Lauren Frisch The building that once housed Golovin’s fish processing plant was functional until 2012, but gradual erosion of the coastline has damaged its foundation to the point where it is no longer usable.
Photo by Lauren Frisch As the shoreline erodes, more buildings are relocating to uphill locations in the village of Golovin.

Story by Lauren Frisch

During a visit to Golovin, Alaska, in October 2016, a local resident sat down with me and walked me through a series of photographs.

R/V Sikuliaq Readiness Tested in Arctic Ice Trials

The Sikuliaq travels through icy water during a past science mission. Photo courtesy of Mark Teckenbrock.

The original story can be found in Witness the Arctic.

by Lauren Frisch


CFOS Staff Snapshot: Jennifer Elhard

Jennifer Elhard
Jennifer Elhard and her daughter Renee are on top of Falls Creek Mine outside of Seward.

Jennifer Elhard has worked at the Seward Marine Center for nearly 15 years, and loves her job.

She started at SMC as an intern while studying business at the Alaska Vocational Technical Center. When a staff position came open, she immediately knew she wanted to apply. “I thought SMC was an amazing place to be,” Jennifer says. “The people were fun, down to earth and professional, and I felt welcomed and knew that I could fit in and do the job well.”


(AGU) Hello from Sikuliaq 2016: The Dynamic Arctic




Seattle events highlight Sikuliaq’s research abilities

(UCSD) We’re alive and back online

On July 11, 2015 The Sikulaiq Chief Scientist, Kerry Key, for the SKQ201508S science cruise posted this article:



On March 18,2015 (UAF Museum Of The North) ARCTIC ODYSSEY: Voyages OF THE R/V SIKULIAQ

This link will follow the Sikuliaq ice trials.



Brandon Hassett's Cryptic Life in an Icy World Blog

During March and April 2015 Brandon Hassett of the University of Alaska's School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences is sailing with the R/V Sikuliaq.  Check out Brandon's daily blog entries of activities on board on his blog Cryptic Life in an Icy World.


(UAF) Alaska residents meet Sikuliaq

On February 19, 2015 SFOS news reported: Alaska residents meet Sikuliaq​



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