SIKULIAQ Shore Side Support

University of Alaska Fairbanks, Seward Marine Center

The Seward Marine Center includes a dock, seven buildings and a fenced storage yard. The facility is located on the northwest side of Resurrection Bay and is adjacent to the Alaska SeaLife Center. The maps show how to reach the facility from Anchorage and an overall layout of UAF-SMC.
The dock and associated mooring dolphin provide a berth for the 261 foot R/V SIKULIAQ, and visiting ships up to lengths of 300 feet  when R/V SIKULIAQ is at sea. Utilities and potable water are available. There is a small boat launch ramp on the east side of the dock, only usable when the tide is +10 feet or higher.
Buildings at the facility:  
Warehouse Building includes marine tech workshops and offices, shipping and receiving, a wood shop and science staging area on the main floor. 
D.W. Hood Laboratory houses four offices, a wet lab with constantly running, unfiltered seawater, and two dry labs.  
Mooring Shop has a full compliment of handling gear, mooring equipment, and personnel with the expertise in fabrication, deployment and recovery of all types of moorings and oceanographic instrumentation.  This building includes a large buoy hoist and fresh/salt water availability.
The Machine Shop includes an office and equipment for welding and fabricating and repairing machinery.
The Alutiiq Pride Shellfish Hatchery includes an office and wet lab space for rearing shellfish.
The K.M. Rae Marine Education Building which includes graduate student offices, video conferencing equipment, and space for public meetings.
The Seward Marine Center Apartments.  There are four two-bedroom apartments available for rent.  Each contains a complete kitchen, living room and bath.
ORCA Building (201 Third Avenue) is the location of all admin offices including the Marine Superintendent and Port Engineer.  This location also includes the technical library, conference room and training facility.