UAF SIKULIAQ Ship Committee


The R/V Sikuliaq is a national asset, capable of conducting general oceanographic research globally, in deep basins and on shallow continental shelves, including within the seasonal ice of the Arctic and the Antarctic. The R/V Sikuliaq occupies an important role not served by any other research vessel in the UNOLS fleet. Further, its functions differs substantially from those of the U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker, USCGC Healy, which is intended to support research throughout the Arctic, including the Central Arctic Basin, in conjunction with other national and international interests and operations.

Sikuliaq Ship Committee (SSC)


The Sikuliaq Ship Committee is composed of representatives from different departments at the University of Alaska Fairbanks College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences with one representative from the UAF Geophysical Institute.

Chair - Bradley Moran (Dean of the College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences)

Science - Andrew McDonnell (Chemical Oceanographer)
Science - Ana Aguilar-Islas (Chemical Oceanographer) **
Science - Franz Mueter  (Fisheries Oceanography)
Science - Andy Mahoney (Sea Ice Geophysicist at the Geophysical Institute)
Science - Brenda Konar (Associate Dean of Research Administration)
Finance -  TBD (Financial Manager)
Outreach - Alice Bailey (Public Information Officer, Sikuliaq Science Liaison)


Ops - Doug Baird (Marine Superintendent)
Ops - Steven Hartz (Science Operations Manager Sikuliaq)

**- SSC ExOffico Rep for the Arctic Icebreaker Coordinating Committee (AICC)

SSC Structure

The Sikuliaq Ship Committee will be comprised of 4 to 6 faculty members from within CFOS who are active sea-going scientists that have a broad range of experience or have an interest in Sikuliaq operations. Two additional members will come from other researchers within UAF who have a similar interest in shipboard Arctic research. The CFOS Dean will make the appointments to the SSC.

The appointments to the committee would be for two years with the option for an additional term if desired. After two terms reappointments can occur after being off for a term. Half of the appointments will be staggered so that new members are considered each year. The committee members would annually elect a chair from the group to act as their spokesperson and to be the point of contact for the committee. In addition to the committee members, the SMC Director/Marine Superintendent, the IMS Director, the SMC Head of Technical Services, and one person from the permanent crew would be ex officio and non-voting members of the SSC.

Meetings -(minutes,,,)

The SSC would normally hold four meetings each year with one meeting being held at the Seward Marine Center. The meetings would be open to all members of UAF and associated institutes and centers with an interest in Arctic research. Additional meetings could be convened for special purposes at the discretion of the Chair, SMC Marine Superintendent or the SFOS Dean. Reports of the SSC would be submitted to the SFOS Dean with copies to the SMC and IMS Directors.