Cruise Planning for R/V Sikuliaq

Sikuliaq cruise track

All cruise planning will now be done through the Marine Facilities Planning website . That said, this Sikuliaq Science Operations website will continue to be a central source for cruise planning information. Please contact the Marine Superintendent and Science Operations Manager if you have any questions.


1+Years Out

Additional Items For Arctic Operations:

If your project will operate in Arctic Waters please visit this page.


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Sailing Aboard R/V Sikuliaq

  • Embarkation
    • Moving aboard: Science members may move aboard on the first mobilization day (and are encouraged to be aboard no later than the night before departure), and move off by 1630 on the last de-mobilization day. Science party personnel may eat aboard starting with lunch of the first mobilization day through lunch of the last de-mobilization day. Contact the Marine Superintendent or Science Operations Manager if you have questions.
  • Science Staterooms
  • Life aboard Sikuliaq - What to expect, pack, policies, etc.
  • Disembarking
    • All cargo off-loading and the cleaning of rooms/science spaces should be complete by 1630 on the last de-mobilization day. Deviations from this schedule must be arranged in the pre-planning of the cruise.