Disembarking Science Members

Sikuliaq and Aurora
Photo courtesy of @iceinmotion

Cleaning Lab Spaces and Staterooms

The Chief Scientist is responsible for assuring that the members of the scientific party clean all berthing and laboratory areas used during the cruise. This is necessary to make these areas available to the oncoming scientific party. Below is a check list to aid in disembarkation. Please leave these areas in the condition you would like to find them when you come onboard — this will be greatly appreciated by the next scientific party. Sikuliaq crew or marine science technicians can help you secure cleaning supplies.

The Chief Scientist is also responsible for assuring that all hazardous materials are removed and disposed of properly.

If the ship incurs any direct costs, such as crew overtime, professional cleaning fees or hazardous waste disposal fees because the scientific party did not fulfill their obligation to clean science areas or dispose of materials, the Chief Scientist or Principal Investigator will be billed as appropriate.


  • Chemicals: All un-used chemicals and chemical wastes must be removed from the ship. It is the responsibility of the Chief Scientist to ensure that all science members do not leave un-used chemicals and chemical waste onboard.
  • Hoods: Fume hood work surfaces must be free of chemical spills and any paper liners should be removed and disposed of appropriately (e.g. in trash or in chemical waste if contaminated with hazardous chemicals).
  • All lab bench tops, sinks, and shelves should be wiped down with soap and water so that they are free of dust and dirt.
  • All trash should be removed from the lab, and floors should be vacuumed or swept and mopped.
  • All tape should be removed from walls, doors, drawers, and cabinets.
  • All lab tie-down eyes and straps should be removed and placed in the drawers starboard/aft in the main lab.

Tools: All tools and items borrowed from the ship shall be returned.


  • Cleaning supplies are above the head. Toilet paper, trash bags, vinyl gloves can be found in the linen closet across from the sauna.
  • If you need more cleaning supplies, ask the galley.
  • DO NOT use washcloths to clean your room. Use sponges or rags supplied by the galley.
  • All sinks, mirrors, fixtures and furnishings shall be wiped down and free of dust and dirt.
  • All desk and closet drawers are to be wiped clean.
  • Bulkheads are to be free of spots and all tape should be removed from walls, doors, drawers and cabinets.
  • Carpets shall be vacuumed. Vacuums are in the closet by the door that leads to the galley serving line.
  • Blankets shall be folded and placed at the foot of the bunks unless they are soiled.
  • Dirty linens, towels, and ONLY the comforter cover should be placed in the collection bags provided in the hallway.
  • All personal items shall be removed from the stateroom and from the heads.
  • Trash cans shall be emptied and trash bags placed in larger trash cans.
  • The head and floor shall be sprayed with bathroom cleaner and wiped down.
  • Spray the shower walls/floor with CLR, wait 5 minutes, and rinse.


Science Cargo Off-load

The Sikuliaq deck crew will assist the scientific party in unloading all equipment. See the Science Cargo page for more information about logistics in Seward and other ports. All cargo off-loading and the cleaning of rooms/science spaces should be complete by 1630 on the last de-mobilization day. Deviations from this schedule must be arranged in the pre-planning of the cruise. Please note that fueling operations or unforeseeable ship needs may impact timing of off-load operations. Sikuliaq operations will try to minimize any impacts on science.


Underway Data

At the end of the cruise the Chief Scientist(s) will receive an external hard drive with all of the underway data collected(sonars, ctd, met, underway seawater system, etc). Other science members are encouraged to copy the data from the ship's data archive to their own data storage device. Instructions to access the archive data will be provided when you are aboard Sikuliaq.
Note: Data saved on the local(ship-side) file sharing drive is not backed up or included in the final data set provided to the Chief Scientist(s). It is the responsibility of the science party to save that data if it is important.