Scientific Cargo to and from Sikuliaq

Seward Marine Center Campus
Seward Marine Center(SMC) Campus

Science gear being shipped to Sikuliaq in Seward, Ak should be addressed to:

University of Alaska
Seward Marine Center
Attn: Cruise ID/Responsible Scientist
201 Railway Ave
Seward, AK 99664

Anything sent by U.S. Mail should be addressed to:

University of Alaska
Seward Marine Center
Attn: Cruise ID/Responsible Scientist
PO Box 730
Seward, AK 99664

Please be sure all boxes/containers are clearly labeled with your cruise number, (SKQYYYYXXS) i.e. SKQ201909S, and name of the responsible scientist. Shipments not marked may be refused if they can't be identified. No COD shipments will be accepted. Questions regarding shipments should be addressed to the Science Operations Manager or Marine Superintendent.

Once a shipment has been made, pdf copies of shipping document(s), i.e Bill of Lading(BOL), Airway Bill(AWB) and applicable MSDS/Haz Mat documents must be e-mailed to the SMC Warehouse Manager. For your and our protection, we are not responsible for unannounced or unaccompanied shipments.

All freight deliveries or pickups, including equipment brought by scientists which will require SMC warehouse forklifts to handle, should be scheduled for the normal workday (0800-1630). Special arrangements can be made when the ship is loading or unloading on a weekend or holiday.

The Seward Marine Center(SMC) has outdoor/uncovered space for the reception, storage and staging of advance shipments of science equipment. There is limited short-term indoor staging space in the SMC warehouse. Advance staging and covered/indoor space requirements must be coordinated, well ahead of your shipment's arrival, with the SMC Warehouse Manager. Long term outdoor storage arrangements can be made with the Port Captain.

The science project is responsible(pays) for getting science gear to the pier, adjacent to the ship, and the ship is responsible for getting the science gear from the pier onto the ship and from the ship onto the pier.

SMC has a CAT forklift with a lifting capacity of 11,000 lbs. and another with a capacity of 3,000 lbs. If your project requires a higher lifting capacity you will need to rent the proper equipment.
SMC does not have a crane. Cranes are available for rent in Seward. Contact the Port Captain if you need assistance.
SMC has a full-size truck and a stake bed truck available for transporting cargo.
The SMC warehouse has a walk-in freezer(down to -18C) for temporary storage of frozen samples. Advanced notice is needed to use the freezer or if you need other freezer storage options. Contact the SMC Warehouse Manager and Science Operations Manager. Temporary storage for Hazardous Materials is also available.

SMC Pier Weight Limits

The current weight limits of the SMC pier as of 2019:
Max Axle weight: 12 tons
Max Gross weight: 28 tons
These limits assume that there is less than 5,000 lbs of cargo stored on the dock during operational loading/unloading.

Please note: it is possible to exceed the Max Axle weight of the SMC dock when using the CAT forklift and lifting cargo near its load capacity.
If you have cargo that will approach these limits, contact the Marine Superintendent and Port Captain well in advance of your project, as the ship may need to berth at the Alaska R.R. dock or cruise ship dock.

Logistics outside of Seward, AK

For ports outside of Seward, all logistical concerns and questions should be directed to the Port Captain and Science Operations Manager.
When Sikuliaq operates in U.S. ports other than Seward we are sometimes 'hosted' by other UNOLS institutions (San Diego, Seattle, Honolulu, etc) who may provide support services for both the ship and science party. At U.S. ports, UAF does not hire an agent. The Chief Scientist is responsible for identifying requirements such as a crane, forklifts, truck rentals, etc. Such needs should be identified well in advance with the Port Captain and Science Operations Manager.

Foreign Ports

When Sikuliaq calls at ports outside of the U.S., a ship's agent will be retained to provide logistic support. The agent's services encompass port formalities, arranging for fuel and provisions, handling official shipments to and from the ship, and assisting persons joining and leaving the ship (including procurement of tickets and reservations when required). The Chief Scientist may arrange for separate billing with the ship's agent or may make arrangements with another agent.
If this is not possible, the Chief Scientist may be authorized to use the ship's account with the agent to provide services to the science party by authorizing a purchase order. Contact the Marine Superintendent for more information.

Manifesting Science Gear and Cargo

If you are shipping equipment overseas from the U.S. and this equipment is scheduled to return to the U.S. at some point in the future, it is highly recommended that you register the equipment (or entire shipment, as appropriate) with U.S. Customs using US Customs Form 4455 prior to the shipment leaving the U.S. This will help to avoid tariffs and other problems upon re-importing the equipment to the US after your cruise. Form 4455 applies whether your equipment leaves or subsequently returns to the U.S. aboard a commercial carrier or a research vessel. A competent domestic shipper or freight forwarder should be able to advise you on this matter.