Sikuliaq Network, IT and Communications

Ship to Shore/Shore to Ship(S2S) File Sharing
  • S2S is a bi-directional file synchronization service. Find out more information here. If you would like to use this service, it is a good idea to set it up before you sail. Contact for assistance or any questions.
  • A local(ship-side) file sharing drive is also available. When you are aboard you will find instructions to connect on the ship-side website:
Internet Access at Sea

Please navigate to this page.

Remote Network Access Services

If anyone in your science party needs to use a VPN, or other phone-home remote access software (TeamViewer, etc), Please contact at least 30 days in advance of your cruise.

Underway Data Feeds

Various underway data feeds are available via UDP and serial. Inquire during your pre-cruise meeting or contact the Science Operations Manager with any questions.

Event Logger

R2R Eventlogger (ELOG) is available to all science party members via the ship's local website. Contact the Science Operations Manager with any questions. Sikuliaq's marine science techs can help with questions/setup when aboard. Screen shot

Phone Communications at Sea

A VOIP(Voice-Over_Internet_Protocol) phone, SeaLink, is available in the Science Office and Lounge/Library to make calls home. If satellite comms are poor or not connected, this phone will not work. Please do not abuse this service and be considerate of your shipmates. Some users have found WiFi calling from their mobile devices or calling via apps like WhatsApp to work. There is no guarantee these services will work and support for the apps is provided on a best-effort basis.

For emergencies and critical science operations, there is an Iridium and Fleet Broad Band satellite phone available. Ask the marine science techs or bridge personnel for help making calls to shore.

In case of a shore-side emergency it is a good idea to pass along the Marine Superintendent's contact info to family members. The Marine Superintendent will pass along phone numbers to call the ship.