Sikuliaq Marine Science Technicians

Sikuliaq Marine Technician
Photo courtesy of @iceinmotion

Sikuliaq sails with two marine science technicians, working opposing watches, to provide 24/7 science technical support. A third technician can sail if science needs dictate. Contact the Science Operations Manager with any questions.

Basic Technician Activities Ashore:
  • Communication and Coordination in advance of each cruise (pre-cruise planning)
  • Maintenance, Repair, Storage, and Calibration of ship's sensors/instruments
  • Coordination of mobilization and de-mobilization logistics
Basic Technician Activities at Sea:
  • Support of ship-provided science instrumentation and operation
  • Management of data acquisition, archiving, and network systems
  • Serve as a liaison between ship's crew and scientific personnel, especially with regard to safety and over-the-side operations
  • Assistance with science set-up, tear-down, and operations
  • Maintenance and management of satellite communication system(s)